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The Burundian Coalition of Human Rights Defenders (CBDDH) is a coalition of organizations defending and promoting human rights in Burundi, it is aim to improve the working environment and the protection of human rights defenders (HRD). The CBDDH is a platform established to promote synergy, cooperation, collaboration and sharing of best practices among human rights defenders at the national and international levels to overcome the challenges encountered.

It was created in 2009 by eleven (11) civil society organizations (CSOs) involved in various human rights sectors throughout the country and membership is open to all civil society organizations and HRDs who wish to do so. The establishment of this coalition was motivated by the incomprehension of CSOs’ activities by the public authorities, which made the work environment of the HRDs increasingly risky in Burundi. It is obvious that the actors in human rights in Burundi needed a structure to deal with sensitive issues affecting HRDs in Burundi.


Who are We

The CBDDH is an initiative of human rights defenders in Burundi aimed at promoting and protecting the rights of human rights defenders. It was motivated by a need for solidarity and mutual reinforcement of HRDs. The current crisis in Burundi has forced many of its members to flee the country and it’s in a process of strengthening to adapt to the context and ensure its mission.

The structure of the Coalition includes a General Assembly, a Steering Committee, an Executive Committee and Secretariat.

In 2014, the Coalition benefited the support of DefendDefenders (East and Horn of Africa Human Rights defenders project) for its revitalization and capacity building in order to meet the needs of HRDs spread over the national territory of Burundi.


Burundi, an enabling environment for the work of Human Rights Defenders.


Ensure the full development of Burundian human rights defenders in order to
fulfill the work of protect and promotion of human rights, in an enabling environment, secured and equipped with the necessary capacities.


  • Promote and Protecte Human Rights Defenders;
  • Strengthen capacities in the protection of HRDs;
  • Advocacy for the protection of HRDs;
  • Monitoring, denonciation and reporting on the situation and needs of HRDs;
  • Promote networking and synergy of action among human rights defenders.

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